In terms of Business Development my first gig was in 1984 when I was chosen (as a new graduate one year in) to represent the NewCo I worked for on a multi-company project.  As a Merchant Banker for thirteen years (when that was a very pukkha occupation – reputation was the prime concern over and above profits) I won a record number of new accounts (including from a government, a tender process which started with a long list of over one hundred potential suppliers worldwide).  I have been an independent consultant for the past fifteen years with all of my business coming from my own efforts. I have worked with individuals and companies large and small some of which are shown here:

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In terms of the Tao I have been interested in this since I was a teenager and first started studying Chinese Martial and Health Arts in the 1980s which gave me an initial taste “beyond words” of some of these matters. I am an instructor in Zhang Zhuang Qigong and have run a forum on Transformational Tools for Energy and Mind – www.ttem.org – for eight which has well over ten thousand posts on all sorts of mainstream and alternative issues.

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I have always had an interest in the new and in better ways of living more smoothly … however in recent years my ingestion of 21stC BizDev ideas and techniques has rather overwhelmed my bookcases and bookmarks 🙂 In a way, this is one way of publicly curating some of the best ideas.  After a while most things are a variation on a theme and new themes are rare.  However without “the picture on the jigsaw box” a thousand (or forty billion) pieces on the floor can be real confusing and so I hope to give some structure to an otherwise linear list of posts.

My personal website is at www.mikebaliman.com where I also cover my personal/business mentoring including stress management techniques.  Always helpful for business development folks who are very much at the sharp end!

If you wish me to help improve your business development contact me at mike AT thetaoofbizdev DOT com