The Marmite Principle

Personally I can’t stand the stuff but many people love it. Allegedly lol.


Most of us – corporately or individually – dislike being disliked.  Much of our behaviour is orientated towards not being disliked. Well post-teenage maybe 🙂

However the price of trying to blend in, not stand out, is well we don’t stand out.  Now historically that wasnt a problem as there were jobs aplenty and less over-competition amongst companies and organisations.

Now however its important – in order to get attention and action – that we stand out.  That we move from reasons not to dislike us or our products and services to the possibility of loving us/our products/our services.

If we want to be chosen we need to stand for something.  In standing for something we don’t stand for something else and folks will criticise us or dislike us.  However others will want what we have and will choose us.

The time for being bland and generally likeable has passed.  You (or your products/services) need to be lovable, desirable.

You don’t have to be a purple cow as in the prior post, but you do have to be Marmite.