The Key 7 BizDev Mistakes of B2B Tech SMEs … and 7 Solutions


Mistake 3 – Marketing? They don’t do it! Or they completely misunderstand it.

marketing whats that-page-001

Marketing is a real vacuum for many SMEs in general. Why? Well linguistically “marketing” has often become synonymous with “advertising”. Which is one way of Marketing. But Marketing is more important and far broader than that. It has three main components:

  1. Value Encapsulation tell me your core value in a tweet or two, in a way that arouses interest!
  2. how you get that message out?
  3. to who?

The mistake I see time and time again is that SMEs that do “do marketing” forget that one markets messages.  One does not market stuff!  The message is to arouse interest in your stuff, to put a hook out there, to create a vacuum, to get them to ask you about your stuff (which is then the Sales phase).

No message? = you have omitted Marketing and gone straight to Selling.

The Solution

buddha marketing

The Buddha Knew The Importance Of Doing Marketing Before Selling Why? As his first “marketing opportunity” after his enlightenment was unsuccessful. So second time around he tried marketing before sales – and the rest is 2,500yrs of history. His “tweet”? His “hook”? “Life is dukkha” which is even shorter than Steve Jobs great one re the Ipod … “a thousand songs in your pocket”.

I used to think short messages, tweets, SMSs were superficial. They can be. They mostly are – see The Internet and Candyfloss Addiction. However they don’t have to be. It is an essential part of the dating/search process (which is the best summary of 21stC BizDev) to rule-out as well as rule-in folks. In an overloaded world you really need to keep that simple – KISS.


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