Ten Fingers, Ten Toes, One Attention – Oh Dear

Everyone wants your attention.  Texts ping. Calls come. Voicemails lurk. Emails flood. Banner Ads wink, in-App ads glisten. “Can we have a meeting?”. Your partner calls, the kids need something, the school says something, the insurance company sends you a quote.  Man has anyone got a way to clone my attention and give me lots of them?

Nope – I didn’t think so. Nor yours, nor your potential clients.

The “modern”/”American” way is to scream louder and make ever more outlandish claims. To run gaudier banner Ads.

But I don’t think that works in Europe – like all consumers we are manipulable but we also learn to screen out banner Ads.  However before we get smug we do need to be cannier about using other peoples attention.

If you have someone’s attention you have a very precious asset.  You are very lucky.  Use it well while you have it.

But instead we still see the same old 100pp presentations. Maaan ‘dats a great way to disrespect your clients attention.  And as you probably don’t have all of their attention as they have so much on their mind they won’t follow your PhD thesis of a presentation anyway and appreciate its Byzantine logic.

So KISS.  Far better to get high level agreement on the key issues and come back another day for the detailed level (by which time you have in essence closed the sale anyway).

KISS – keep it simple stupid.  Refine your key points, your key Qs … make it about them rather than a Royal Variety Performance you and the team have rehearsed too many times.  Don’t cut and paste half the interweb.

Can you KISS? Do you KISS?


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