Sales secrets III – WIIFM .. What’s In It For Me?

It’s only when I come to write this blog that I really appreciate all the lessons I learned the hard way over a decade ago. At the time it just felt like pain! If you are going through business pain right now check out my post on Flowing Smoothly, Struggling as Symptomatic.

My primary focus selling Stratos, my strategic risk system, was to explain how it was useful. And for sure that’s necessary. And I told some good stories to back it up which is also very powerful. And the presentations got shorter which is also good. As is discussing their headaches. And their buying process. Yada yada.

Now this was all great but I was missing one vital angle which is a bit like a fuse in a plug .. The whole circuit can be in place but without this tiny piece it won’t work. What was my missing fuse? What base wasn’t I covering?

psychological key

Like many things when you notice it, especially if you can soundbite it, it’s simple, memorable and hard to forget.

My aphorism became that in order to get a sale you have to nail the logical case (what folks write on their internal buying case documentation for expenditure approval). But you must also nail the “psychological” case.  Logical AND psychological.

Otherwise known as “What’s in it for me?” .. WIIFM. Probably too corny to say “whiff ’em” .. waft a tantalising aroma at them. Too corny so I will resist saying it 🙂

So what you need to find is what is in it for the buyer as a person.

Of course people act in the interests of their organisation (well sometimes lol). But nothing motivates a buyer more than the idea that with your product or service he can get that promotion, show another department up, really add value (and so get a better bonus) etc etc.

Or even just give them the tools to do their job well and get professional satisfaction.

This factor is especially important in the C21st. It is a real key – folks are so busy, so overloaded that even if there is a good logical case for your product/service they are probably too busy to make it happen (and/or take the risk that it might not work out … and right now folks are not exactly rewarded for taking risk).  However if there is something in it for them – well magically “a busy person can always make some time”.

So next time you are stuck even though a good case is being made remember WIIFM. Remember logical AND psychological.

I guarantee it makes all the difference putting the fuse in the plug 🙂 … it should also help your sales 🙂


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