The Key 7 BizDev Mistakes of B2B Tech SMEs ā€¦ and 7 Solutions

I see these time and time again (and not just in Tech SMEs…)  Check them out here.


The Tao of Biz Dev YouTube Channel

The Tao of BizDev YouTube Channel currently has six videos in two series of three talks. If you are time-pressed, only having a cursory look, or have Candyfloss Addiction these aren’t for you as each talk ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in length šŸ™‚

The World of Business has Changed Forever and so must your business development

Useful to you if you want to understand the deeper roots of 21stC business challenges and the Tao of Biz Dev design principles to overcome them.

Three talks covering (1) the challenges to BizDev from the changes brought on by technological changes and their consequent impact on all of us; (2) solving the challenge of the five 21stC “excesses” (information, competition, choice, economic insecurity, stress) with the five Tao of BizDev keys; (3) a practical 21stC BizDev tutorial showing you how to apply these keys, The Tao of BizDev map and The Tao of BizDev Circle to enhance your business development here and now.

The World of Work has Changed Forever

Useful to you if you (or friend/family) – is struggling with 21stC work right now.

A three-part talk on how the world of work has changed for individuals and the threats and opportunities this presents. This series as it were takes a bottom-up, individual-centred, “stalagmite” perspective to 21st business, economics and society. This complements the former series which takes a top-down, business-centred, “stalactite” perspective.



The Tao

Tao the Tao – like many oriental terms – is often bandied around as a cool label and in a meaning removed from the original.  Or its seen as “esoteric”. it’s neither. In the link I cover what the various meanings of the word “Tao” are, why I chose it, and why I think that the spontaneous, human, essence of the Tao is such a valuable antidote to todays rather over-systematised society.


 21stC BizDev Advice for Alternative Practitioners

Don’t Charge Ā£50ph – How to Thrive in Alternative Therapy/Teaching – alongside developing the commercial, business-focused consultancy I have given plenty of pro bono advice to folks who are out there trying to help individuals.  Shame to waste it – so a lot of it is here for free šŸ™‚ Many of these folks have big hearts but less business knowledge.  This is a guide to how to get out of the business model trap that many therapists, yoga/qigong/meditation et al teachers find themselves in.