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Mitch (a marketing/journalist/publicist and uber-interwebby person) must have loved it when Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing”.  It’s a great by-line and he did work as a rock journalist for a long time and you don’t want to start listening to a conversation between Mitch and Seth on “vinyl” 🙂  Instead you can watch and listen to Seth Godin interview Mitch about the new book and take questions in an event hosted by Google no less:

Mitch is one of my three “must follows” – as in even when I don’t have time and fall behind I will catch up on his material in his blog and great (if a bit “marketing/pr industry” detailed) podcast.  You can check out the book in all the usual places. My aim here is not to add another precis to the internet. Rather I want to draw out some key themes in the context of this blog.  First a quote from the book:

The transition of all industries into the fully-digital future leaves everybody caught in a middle ground – it’s not heaven, it’s not hell, and it’s very confusing. Businesses and employees are not sure where things are headed or what they must do to survive and thrive.

This dovetails nicely with my theme on the Why page that we are in uncharted territory, that even the gurus are on the bleeding edge too.

The second point is the interlinking of business and the personal.  Originally Mitch wrote a book about digital and business … some interesting and some perhaps narrow technical/digital stuff (eg about “one screen” – ie companies should target the one screen in front of us (pc/phone/tv/tablet…) etc.  However he then realised that this can’t stand on its own.  The implications for individuals are as profound.  He has spread more widely the meme of Squiggly careers .. a useful phrase I bring out every time my kids are given some very old-fashioned school careers advice re “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

I was in a taxi in Barbados on a business trip once (that was some angle :-)) and single at the time. The wise old taxi driver was asking me about this and I recall when we were going through the sugar canes him saying in his Bajan accent “you can run but you can’t hide”…

To which I answered that I was doing a good job so far.

About a year later I was married lol.

So maybe you think you can run and hide. And maybe you can.

Or maybe this 21stC wave is going to crash over you in a years time?



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