Marketing is Spreading Ideas

Let’s invade the neighbours village. Let’s move out of this stone cave. Let’s build a flying machine. It’s easily forgotten that everything begins with an idea or an urge in the mind.  When life crawled out of the sea must have been driven by an urge – a primitive form of an idea.

Whatever you are intending to do in changing the world, commercially or personally, has an idea at its heart.  First you need to manifest that idea into the realm of form – as a thing, as an action.

einsteinSecondly in most cases you need to get other people onto your idea-bus. You need your idea to spread … “hey joe fancy a beer” … “hey joe let’s build a better Facebook” – exactly the same structure. So we have marketing – the spreading of ideas. How does this work?

Historically through advertising. Messages are shouted out to mass audiences. More recently messages might be not broadcast but “narrowcast” to your tribe or group or target audience.

In both cases – as y’all know as you do this most of your life without realising it (even those of you who think you don’t “understand” marketing) – it really helps if your message is simple and clear 🙂

“Fancy a beer” … “let’s build a better Facebook”.  Simple, clear.

For some reason folks forget this all the time in business.

Information overload is the problem of the 21stC.  I would say its a tsunami but tsunamis stop – your email inbox refills every day.  Dealing with it is like one of Hercules’ labours, like being Sisyphus pushing that boulder up hill every day.

Attention spans are (consequently) far shorter.  I used to mentally deride the whole idea of a tweet.  But Einstein could fit relativity into a tweet.  The key idea behind a Higgs boson is “tweetable”.  “A black hole simply swallows everything, light included, that comes its way” is tweetable.

Many of you might read that and think – sure but there is far more to these things! Of course, but maybe it will help you if you think of marketing idea summary (“the message”) as the chapter heading in a list of contents…

There is only a point in starting to explain all the details and nuances if someone is interested in relativity/Higgs particle/black holes/a beer. That is then sales – you know there is prima facie interest in your idea – and then you have to convert that high level interest into a deal for both of you at the more detailed level.  Which equals sales.

So in this festive season and into the new year see how you spread your ideas (let’s leave urges for the Xmas Parties :-D).  You are always spreading ideas and I bet you spread them best when you start with a nice simple summary not the whole song and dance 🙂

Apply the same idea in 2014 whether it’s your relationship, career, job, or company. See how it helps 🙂


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