21stC BizDev in 5 Words – What? Who? What? How? Why?

Once I wrote a nice simple, clear post … doesn’t happen often 😀 – 21stC Communication Essentials – Simplicity, Clarity, Brevity You simply must get that inserted into your DNA to succeed in our noisy, overloaded 21stC world.


Basho should have been a 21stC marketer

Basho should have been a 21stC marketer



Easily forgotten.

In a noisy world.


I was reminded of this recently on a course with a few dozen other entrepreneurs/solopreneurs.  After many days together I can tell you more about the people than their businesses.  And that’s despite there being a module on “Pitching”.  Maybe it should have been a Haiku module instead.

All the marketing polish in the world won’t help you if you haven’t got a simple, clear, grip of your business model – see Value Encapsulation – the 21stC Key

How do we encapsulate you or your business using 5 Key words…?

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If you can’t tell me now – without hesitation or going away to think about it – you are going to have a tough time in the 21stC selling yourself or your products/services.

You’d be amazed at how few individuals or businesses of all types can answer the above five questions simply and clearly.

This is even – or especially!? – true for mega-businesses that spend a fortune on advertising, branding and media consultants. After all we actually deal with most businesses simply because they are there. Do you seek out BP petrol stations rather than Shell?  I bet you just go to the nearest.  Do you choose one railway provider over another?! Do you choose an electricity provider as their electricity is “better”? Is your bank, your mobile operator really any different from the next?

If you want help cutting through to your Simplicity, Clarity and Brevity get in touch. I have helped a number of individuals and businesses through just this process.

Get those five words sorted and you can go places very fast.

You will travel faster than most of the world’s biggest companies.



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