21C BizDev is Challenging

Why? (1) Everyone is overloaded; (2) Why is everyone overloaded? Waves of change in technological revolutions; (3) “Five Excesses” – Drilling-down to the more detailed BizDev Challenges.


1) Everyone is Overloaded


There can be no doubt about this overload, pressure and stress.  Even if – and I hope you are – are relaxed and in control right now it is a shocking statistic that in the UK depression is now the most commonly treated condition in the NHS and a staggering 1 in 4 will suffer some form of mental illness in a given year. So chances are you are already dealing with clients who have serious issues. Plenty of others are very stressed.


2) Why is everyone overloaded? Waves of change in technological revolutions.

It is a direct result of the technological revolution of the past 20-30 years when there has been a confluence of computing (data) and comms (connection) technologies. Ironically this was all intended to make our lives “better” – hmm maybe in some ways …. but on the other hand … 🙂

All revolutionary technological change has two waves … the technology itself and then its impact on society.  So for example in the 19thC Industrial Revolution the technology was steam but the greater impact on society came from the introduction of railways.

In the present case we can say there are three waves perhaps – as technological changes divide this time into hardware and software.

The impact of the first wave of change – hardware has by now mostly been absorbed and dissipated.


The second wave – software … systems … websites – is all we ever seem to hear about by way of 21st C BizDev advice … plenty of “going digital”.  Nothing wrong with that and quite necessary:


However I believe that the most important wave – the impact of the technological change on us as individuals – is being ignored right now – in Business, in Society and in BizDev.

Without taking this into account businesses will continue to struggle.


3) “Five Excesses” – Drilling-down to the more detailed BizDev Challenges

I believe “Five Excesses” characterise society right now and in aggregate lead to this “overload” phenomenon that is at the heart of 21stC BizDev challenges.


These five excesses lead to the following challenges for the Buyer, your client and for you the Seller:



These issues and challenges are ones that we all have to overcome.  We all need methods to address them.