My passion is helping small to medium B2B technology companies with great products get the success they deserve.

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This is a project I blogged every week for a year – about what I saw as leading edge and unsolved BizDev topics. I ended up pulling it together into some simple models and in particular a strategic perspective on why 21stC BizDev is so tough.

The blogging part of the project ended in the summer of 2013 when (a) I became very very busy getting my London Fintech Podcast off the ground, (b) I decided there was more than a textbook’s worth of material in 52+ blog articles already, and (c) when I realised even if I had laid out an alphabet from A to Z – rather like my work in business and project turnaround – the majority of practical commercial problems out there are due to lack of sufficient understanding of A and B!

So for the moment these resources are just “here” for those who fancy perusing them 🙂


Our approach is to situate everything within the bigger picture – how business development is changing and how your company looks top-down “from the boardroom” as well as your detailed issues and challenges.

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We look at the full “value-circle” as well as the individual functions. Not just “product” or “marketing” or “sales” or “client” – all of which on their own are valid entry-points to develop and improve your business – but how they combine. Businesses need to generate more business now and repeatably going forwards with a “value circle” that ensures an ever greater flow of client-validated new products that fit market needs.


I believe that the 21stC presents unique business development threats and opportunities.

Threats as most businesses have not adopted to a world where everyone is overloaded – indeed their BizDev approaches overload their potential clients even more. Opportunities as most of your competitors are still trying to get business using 20thC ways slightly amended for a digital age. This gives you a great opportunity to leave them behind.



In these pages you will find concise guides to: Why 21stC BizDev is so Challenging, Why Existing BizDev Approaches Fail & The Tao of BizDev Solution.

For those with more time check out the talks on YouTube about 21stC BizDev (the view from the top) and 21stC Work (the view from the bottom up). SIgn-up or follow the Blog for weekly articles about 21stC BizDev.