You Are Not Overloaded, You Overload Yourself!

My simplest summary of The 21stC BizDev Challenge is being in a world of overload. I drill down into this in more detail in my latest YouTube talks The World of Business has Changed Forever and so must your business development. Snappy title eh? 😀

You can’t help but notice how overloaded almost everyone is – especially you. But where does it come from? Why are you overloaded? Are you overloaded or do you overload yourself?


A minor difference in wording but a huge difference in impact – in the first case you are a victim of “the system”, “the world”, “modern technology” yada yada.

In the second formulation you take ownership of the situation.  You don’t have to follow a thousand folks on twitter. You don’t have to have your phone on or email on every minute.  You don’t have to … well you fill in the blanks.

Let’s leave it with this nice simple idea. See what it means to you.

You don’t have to be overloaded. You actively or passively choose to be overloaded. You can change things for the better.

Even one day of “digital detox” a week makes a huuuge difference – 15bn years of evolution and every one of your genes was designed for that kind of life – why not give them a day a week of being in their “genetic comfort zone”?



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