The Key 7 BizDev Mistakes of B2B Tech SMEs … and 7 Solutions


Mistake 4 – Sales – Sell technology not fixes for broken business processes


BigCos are like robust oil tankers … they can sail the seas with great momentum (and difficulty in turning). There is masses of built-in redundancy and pressure to perform so they can still sail along with plenty of internal problems and broken business processes.

They also have tight budgets. No company right now buys stuff as it’s cool or creative. Furthermore when that happens/happened the BigCo techies don’t usually hold the wallet.  So getting the BigCo techies onboard can only be the start of a process – you need to go through the whole committee/internal approval/sign-off processes.

The Solution


These ocean-crossing liners know they need to continually manage the machinery and that there is always some bit broken (a useful thing for SME tech companies to recall on the days everything seems hopeless). If you can fix a broken bit/process then you are in with a shout. It’s the usual thing about people love to have their pain taken away. Take away their pain and you can take away yours (you have stuff to sell).


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