The Best Things In Business (&Life) Are Free

Actually not all of them are for example the Dhara Devi in Chiang Mai is one of the best things in life and it most certainly isn’t free 😉

dhara deviHowever an increasing number of things are.  One of the best and simplest ways to accelerate your business (or personal) life and development is to leverage these.  Furthermore if you don’t you risk being left behind – we live in a world that changes at the speed of light – literally as anything new gets tweeted round the world and soon copied.

There’s just one small problem – which is the tsunami of content and free stuff out there. Wading through it takes time – or a guide…

To give you a taste of how the “online free content” model is hitting the real world here is a short collection of some standouts for me over the past week.  Events I went to which provided far more added-value and leading-edge content than expensive events/course I have attended.

  1. Google Campus Edu – their programs are here. I went to an excellent days talks on social media and learned far far more than at a paid event I attended earlier this year. Their past talks are free on YouTube.
  2. London Tech Week – sponsored by the London Mayor and making the front page of the London Evening Standard was a whole week of free events about the London Tech Scene.  I went to a fascinating morning on the London FinTech scene kicked off by Deputy Mayor for business Kit Malthouse who is a rare politician who gets what it takes to make London great for business [this may well be as he runs a hedge fund business so is at the coal face as well as Westminster/Mayor’s office]
  3. Silicon Drinkabout – “Startup drinks in a different venue every Friday”. These are free weekly drinks for the London Tech and Creative community and have been featured in many leading publications as one of the “in” places to be.  It sure is – more interesting people in one space than I have experienced since Friday evenings in Roppongi in 1980’s Tokyo 🙂

I could go on. However I want to make a simple point this week.

Right now there is a revolution in business going on.  The leading edge of the revolution has now gone “beyond the net” and free and invaluable content, and communities are out there in the real world if you are prepared to look.

Let me know what free/real things you have benefited from recently 🙂


One thought on “The Best Things In Business (&Life) Are Free

  1. TBD Post author

    Another good example of this was pointed out to me. A young entrepreneur, just finishing his MA but with an idea for a business, went to Google Campus and got free mentoring to discuss it with an experienced guy. Apparently the slot is for 30mins – but it ended up being more like 45.

    Isn’t that cool – and a great example of what I am saying about “free” is hitting the real world. It’s also very democratising as you don’t need to “be” anybody – you don’t need connections or a well-off family. You just need the interweb and you can end up with everything from free drinks to free business consultancy.



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