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What is the Minimum Minimum Viable Product?

Funny how coincidence goes. I was only last night watching Eric Ries gig at the LSE – which two years on seems surprisingly dated (see eg Wu-wei, Growth Hacking, and The Rise of Marketing-less Marketing) when what should I get today but a text from a buddy asking about the above koan. How could I resist 🙂


For those of you not in the loop. Ries’ (a silicon valley programmer turned manager turned director) book is based on his experience of spending 6mts and a whole bunch of funding developing a product that no-one ever downloaded.  A pain I can relate to as my first gig way back was porting Unix to an ICL mainframe (when the UK had a mainframe company). Lots of work, lots of stress, huge efforts, brilliant work. And it never got used. Ever. [ICL was sold to Fujitsu].  Not long after I promptly became a Merchant Banker 😀

Ries methodology centres on having an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product – that you can put out there ASAP to at least find out if the market wants it.  In the extreme case it’s a single page website which says click here for more info.

It’s a solution to the old Supply-Push, Demand-Pull balance. It’s product development interacting ASAP with Sales.

We can also Continue reading


Rab C Nesbitt taught me more than I ever knew about raising Angel investment

Yesterday I went to some Elite Business Event in Shoreditch.  A while back an entrepreneurial buddy had said “come to this”. By the time I arrived I had completely forgotten why – other than Neil sending me an email saying to come along. So I guess that says a lot about 21stC marketing in itself – the power of personal recommendation. And no, money can’t buy it.

And hence, after basking in the morning keynote in awe of the phenomenon that is Karren Brady, I found myself in the Rab C Nesbitt guide to Angel investing.  Or so it seemed:


The gentleman looked like the eponymous chap above albeit he had shaved and did wear a shirt and a very “Scottish flasher”s coat (indoors).  Maybe it wasn’t him. However he did proceed to give a very Scottish, very un-PC, very honest and very helpful talk on Angel Investing.  Or rather on how not to raise Angel funds.

To give you a flavour the last point was “have a sh1t product” 😀 … and he gave a couple of his favourite examples – one was Continue reading