“It is always easier to stick with the same old sales and marketing routine but earlier this year I worked with Mike to “try something new”.  We worked on condensing my wide range of knowledge and expertise in a simple and unique proposition encapsulated in two words “Regulatory Architect”.

Out went the 38 page PowerPoint and in came three simple slides and one extremely impressive infographic. Quite a transformation. But the results speak for themselves. I stopped getting “that’s really interesting, we’ll let you know”, and started getting “that’s great, can you come back in next week”.

Mike not only really understands what has changed in the 21stC but also how it applied to my business – invaluable.”

John Philpott – Regulatory Architect

We offer both Strategic and Operational consultancy services to entrepreneurial enterprises.

Strategic consulting is generally a short-to-medium term assignment to a brief set by you in terms of reviewing the opportunities to develop your business.

Medium-to-longer term assignments are generally focused on operational consultancy:

  • Change management – to change your organisation to one that is attuned not just to “digital”, but as, if not more, importantly to the overload that you and your clients are under.
  • Execution – working with clients from conception to “at the coal face” winning business and closing deals [in one case, helping an early stage FinTech company come first (ahead off a global mega-blue-chip) in a highly prestigious tender. In another closing a deal that had been “almost there” for a long time, with a world leading blue-chip].

Depending on the assignment I and my associates will often make a larger team, bringing in more specialist partner firms in this way covering:

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Mike Baliman

MB Business PhotoI have over three decades of experience in business development, technology, financial services, project turnaround and consultancy. I started in a tech startup, was a merchant banker for thirteen years (Global Head of Fixed Interest with top-decile performance and the first Global Head of Risk in the City). I have been an entrepreneur for sixteen years having had businesses in strategic management information, project turnaround and now my current passion – helping small to medium B2B technology companies with great products and services get the success they deserve.

I am known for being innovative, excellent at developing relationships at all levels and being able to bridge differing views of the world. In one notable assignment there were around six different “camps” – vendor, consultancy, risk department, IT department, divisional management, board – all with different priorities and perspectives. However whilst there is always “bridging” to be done it is generally a simpler bridge – between say some bright, sharp techie-folks and a bank with their own view of the world.  Between the less experienced, younger “we think the world works like this” view and a “grey hair or no hair” view that “in part but don’t forget this…”.

Over thirty years I have approached business development from every angle – business, product, marketing, sales, and client driven. I have won a half-billion dollar government account in a year-long process starting with a long-list of over one hundred banks. For 16yrs I have had to land every business opportunity myself from sales to Bank CEOs/CFOs/CROs down to Program Managers. More recently I was instrumental in ensuring an early stage tech firm closed its first product sale to one of the world’s largest blue-chips as well as separately beating one of the world’s largest consultancies in an open tender process.

I have worked with individuals and companies large and small some of which are shown here.

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If you wish me to help improve your business development contact me at mike AT thetaoofbizdev DOT com