Thriving In Alternative Therapy/Teaching – Overview

There is a lot of information in this topic.  If you just are hitting it as a “30 second surf” you will be stuck in the phenomenon known as “the internet shallows” …. only ever playing around with froth.

However for some of you, you have a real issue to solve. Do you want to spend your life struggling to make a decent living?  How can you help more people?

Far better in that case to come back to one possible solution a day and spend the rest of the day/week/month really thinking through whether it could help you. 

Information in itself does nothing.

Transformation is the only thing that will change you … and transformation is more like chewing steak than eating candy-floss.

I know a whole bunch of folks who teach meditation or qigong or yoga or do massage or reflexology or psychotherapy (as an individual).  And they have to try very hard to get clients and then pay room rent, taxes etc … and before you know it that noble desire to serve humanity leads to frustration and exhaustion and you have a few clients who you serve well, all of whom are living much better than you.  It’s a real trap isn’t it.

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