7 Problems in Making Money from Alt. Therapy/Teaching

Let’s look at how people respond to the challenge of making money out of “alt.”…

P.1 Muddle Along

Most folks just try to get by.  Add in a Facebook page, maybe a website, maybe a blog which kind of dies a few weeks later.  It’s not easy. Throw in a free session or two for friends and family.  Try and get some scale by running classes

P.2 Do it for free

“Just to get the experience” – now that’s cool but once in the “I charge £0” mode it can be hard to upscale.  Plus, as I saw a while back, some places ask you to fill out forms longer than to apply for a job with a six-figure salary just to get on a waiting list to do things for free!

P.3 Do a business course

I know many who have done this.  The problem is that these can be very “politically/bureaucratically correct”.  They do “every chapter in the textbook” … all the tick-box things.  But that is a loooong way from business.  It’s much more taking a bureaucratic approach to corporatism (see The World of Work has Changed Forever Part 2).  You can never create a real winning business without connecting to your passion and creativity and ploughing through a 100 page workbook (which I have seen – from a very reputable organisation with the best of intents) is a real passion killer.

P.4 Retrain in a new modality

I know several folks like this.  They train as an X, find it hard to get work in that so train as a Y etc.

We get good at what we practice – so these folks get good at learning.  Now that’s wonderful but it wont pay the gas bill.

P.5 Decide that the world doesn’t deserve you/your modality

That may be true … they may not be worthy of your gems.  But even if it is true and you need to pay the gas bill you can’t blame everyone else for your failure.  You can console yourself that “you live in the wrong era” but people have been saying that since the stone age.  A century ago the leading cause of suicide was toothache – so in that regard we certainly do live in the right era.

P.6 Do something different

Someone I know is coming to the end of a four-year training course and is looking at the property market! Another friend’s wife is looking at the same.

P.7 Teach instructor/therapist courses

After a while most folks come to realise that the only people making money in their industry are the ones doing the courses.  However, after a while, they also realise that, in some sense, this is immoral … training courses spit out far more people than the market can absorb each year.  London is not California or Boulder or Sedona or wherever.  So first it’s hard to get these “golden gigs” and secondly if you do get them you are always going to be nagged by the slight “con” angle to it … by taking folks money off them which many will not even make back let alone get a return on investment.


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