Thriving in Alternative Therapy/Teaching

A guide to how to get out of the business model trap (“charge £50ph and spend ages finding people to charge that to for a few weeks only”) that many therapists, yoga/qigong/meditation et al teachers find themselves in.

Here is the Overview

Here are the 7 Common Problems

And here are the 7 Key Solutions

If you can see something I am missing let me know and I can share that too 🙂

The world definitely needs your therapy/teaching/healing skills more than ever – there is so much stress, and broadly speaking these alt. things all help stress. All help get us out of “flight and fight” mode and into “rest and repair” (getting out of the lesser mentioned “freeze” state can be harder but there are answers to that one too).

The World of Work Has Changed Forever. And so the world of “alt”/therapy must too.  No longer is unprofessional good enough.  A chain is as strong as its weakest link.  It is no use you having an incredibly strong product/service link if your branding/positioning/business model/marketing/sales link or links are weak. Those days have passed.